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Welcome to the gateway to elegance and luxury with our exclusive selection of used Cadillac cars in Miami, Florida.

Each vehicle reflects the perfect fusion of sophistication and performance that only Cadillac can offer. From the dynamic XT5 to the spacious and luxurious Escalade, our inventory is designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes, ensuring an unparalleled driving experience.

Let us guide you through our carefully curated collection of used Cadillacs, all meticulously inspected to ensure quality and durability.


Price: $22,499
Stock Number: N279988
Drive Train: FWD
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Status: In Inventory
Stock Number: N279988
Drive Train: FWD
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Exterior Color: WHITE
Dealer Location: Miami FL

We have the perfect Cadillac vehicle for you

Discover the unparalleled elegance and performance of a Cadillac at our used car dealership in Miami! We invite you to explore our exclusive selection of Cadillac models, where each vehicle promises a perfect combination of luxury, innovation and power.

Affordable Luxury: Discover the Advantages of Choosing a Used Cadillac

Cadillac cars have long been synonymous with luxury and sophistication, offering drivers a unique driving experience that combines comfort, performance and cutting-edge technology.

With distinctive features like rear fins, wraparound windshields, and oversized interior and exterior designs adorned with bright elements, Cadillacs stand out for their aesthetics and commanding presence on the road.

Opting for a used Cadillac from our dealership in Miami, FL can be a great way to access this world of luxury at a more affordable price. Additionally, we offer extended warranties and certification programs that can provide added peace of mind when purchasing a used car.

FAQS about used Cadillac cars in Miami

What are the benefits of buying a used Cadillac car instead of a new one?

Buying a used Cadillac car offers several benefits, including a lower purchase price and less pronounced depreciation compared to new vehicles. Used Cadillac cars also typically come with detailed history reports, allowing buyers to learn about the vehicle’s previous maintenance and repairs.

How can I ensure that the used Cadillac car I am considering purchasing has not been in previous accidents?

Before making a purchasing decision, it is crucial to request a complete vehicle history. This includes checking if the car has been involved in accidents, maintenance checks and any significant repairs. Many dealerships and sellers provide vehicle history reports through services like CarFax or AutoCheck, allowing buyers to make an informed assessment of the car’s condition.

Are used Cadillac cars expensive to maintain?

The cost of maintaining a Cadillac can vary depending on the model and its age. However, certified used Cadillac models undergo thorough inspections and maintenance before the sale, which can help prevent unforeseen expenses in the short term. In the long term, maintaining a Cadillac, like any luxury vehicle, can be more expensive than non-premium brands, but its high standards of quality and durability can offset these costs.